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Home Insurance + Security Tips

For most of us our home is our greatest asset. So shouldn't you make sure that your greatest asset is covered with the best available insurance? There are hundreds of different policies to cover the millions of different houses in Australia. Are you sure you have the most suitable policy for your needs?

  • Does it give you full accidental damage cover for your contents so if you spill wine on the carpet you are covered?

Security Tips

People are creatures of habit and most tend to have a bowl or key hooks near the door they enter and exit the home where car keys are dropped.

Some even leave their wallets and mobiles there for easy pick up when they leave.

The problem is that most thieves also know this and we have had some claims where thieves have broken in at night and taken the various keyrings  and valuables and then gone back out and driven off with the vehicles.

This means you have to change all locks in the house and also know that strangers have been walking around in your place while you sleep.

To stop this keep keys and valuables hidden or in your bedroom when you go to sleep.

Don't leave keys in the lock of a door if there is a glass panel (thieves then can break the glass, reach in and take the key which allows them to open the door.)

Don't make it easy for the thieves - remember that things are not as they were some years back and you need to be more proactive with your security.

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